Christina’s Road to Recovery

This is a blog dedicated to supporting our daughter, Christina Morris, 21, who was critically injured in a hit and run car accident on Wednesday, September 19, 2012 on Hwy 485 (mile marker 54) in Charlotte, North Carolina. Her car wrapped around a tree on the drivers side and Christina suffers with two collapsed, punctured lungs, broken ribs, a carotid artery dissection, a significant stroke on the right side of her brain, increased cranial pressure, and a Diffused Axomal Injury (brain) which we will not know the severity of until she comes to, and her cognitive abilities can be assessed.  She has been in a coma and a medically induced state of paralysis in Critical Care in the Trauma Unit, fighting for her life. Today, the doctors have begun the long, emotionally taxing process of slowly waking Christina from her induced coma and paralysis in order to begin assessing her condition and the severity of her stroke, but maintaining her cranial pressure and allowing her to “come to” has been a delicate balance.

Donations to Christina’s medical and recovery fund are appreciated!

We also created this website to facilitate much needed donations to the recovery fund we her family have established for Christina. Christina has a long, hard road ahead of her. Medical and rehabilitation expenses are expected to be exorbitant (and a necessity).   Any contribution you are able to donate to her recovery fund will help her significantly get back on her feet.  Every donation is much appreciated, especially in light of learning that her auto insurance will not cover her at all in this hit and run incident since she only carried comprehensive insurance as required by North Carolina law.  See the Donate directly to Christina’s recovery & rehab fund over on the right side of this page – it’s the 1st “Donate” button.

You can also buy the exclusive Bina Bracelet™ here!

Show that you too believe in miracles and get the Bina Bracelet™! 100% of proceeds go to Christina’s recovery and rehabilitation fund. Bracelets are $10 each, plus $5 shipping and handling. Please donate $10 per bracelet, plus the $5 shipping charge (for example, if you’d like 3 bracelets, please donate $35 total). See the Get the Bina Bracelet™  over on the right side of this page – it’s the 2nd “Donate” button.

Prayers are still needed!

Prayers are greatly appreciated for our young and vibrant “Christina Bina”. Always a positive, smiling presence in each of our lives, it is absolutely heart wrenching for we, her family, Geoffrey, her boyfriend, and her friends near and afar to see her comatose and fighting for her life, all because one person had enough road rage to hit and drive her off the road – and then flee the scene leaving her to fight and struggle to survive.

A bright, sweet, vivacious, bubbly college student in her third semester, Christina aspires to be a pharmacist; she is also a talented artist and a wonderful cook. We believe in Christina; we believe in the power of prayer and the strength and support of family; and we know she will fight through this. Our spirit will remain unbroken.

$2,000 reward – help us catch the person driving a silver SUV that caused the hit and run

A $2,000 REWARD is also being offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person driving the silver SUV who fled the scene after forcing Christina off the road leaving her in critical care. Please SHARE this with everyone you know! You can remain anonymous. Please call Crime Stoppers if you have any tips, leads, or if you see a silver SUV with black paint on the front right side bumper at 704-334-1600.


Christina Morris

Christina with her Uncle Jimmy, Auntie Kerri and Grammy.

Christina and her brother, Charles

Christina, her mom, Darlene, and her dad Scott, celebrating her 21st birthday this past August.

Christina and her younger brother, Sam, celebrating their birthdays together this past August.

Christina and her dad, Scott, celebrate her birthday this past August at home

Christina and her boyfriend, Geoffrey

Christina and her mom making the family’s homemade Limoncello recipe.

Christina’s mom Darlene, Christina, and her brother Charles.

Christina and her brother, Charles

Christina’s mom, Darlene and Christina

Christina on a recent trip to Charleston for her birthday

Christina “Bina” (her family nickname since she was a kid was Bina/Bean) posing with a “Bean” brand car 🙂


Christina with her dad, Scott, and her brother, Charles

Christina visiting her family in Boston

Christina and her Grammy

Christina and Geoffrey, her boyfriend

Christina is a talented artist and has always loved painting and drawing.

Christina and her mom, Darlene

Christina with her cousin Connan and his wife Terrin this past summer

Christina with her Auntie Kerri and her cousin Teisha


27 responses to “Christina’s Road to Recovery

  1. To the Morris/Zamer Family,

    On behalf of my wife Kara and myself, I have made a small donation, and pray for Christina’s speedy recovery. I work with Jim, and through that know you are a strong family and are all leaning on each other through this terrible ordeal.

    You are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Andrew Aspetti

  2. Darlene, Scott and Family,
    Thank you for giving us all the opportunity help with a donation. We will keep you all in out thoughts and prayers. Keith and Donna Bunish

  3. Darlene, Scott, and family,
    Tim and I made a donation today and wish we could be there physically. We love you very much and pray Christina will overcome this awful time.

  4. For sure we will help in the name of my children Natalie and Matthew who LOVE Christina!!! She babysits/housesits for us and she is the THE BEST person. You can do it Christina……

  5. when I click donate, it doesn’t do anything or take me anywhere so I can pay. Please help me or tell me what else I can do to donate.

  6. I was able to leave a small donation, however all of our prayers are priceless! Praying for complete healing in Christina’s body and praying for your family as well!

  7. I am a neurosurgeon who was directed to this site and asked to offer suggestions by a friend. I would be happy to talk with you if you like but don’t want you to feel like I’m meddling. Feel free to contact me via facebook. I will keep you all in my prayers

  8. Praying that Christina’s beautiful smile lights up your lives again very soon. Hang in there, we are all with you spiritually, if not physically.
    Much love to you all, The Days

  9. Scott and Darlene, I donated – keeping Christina in our prayers, and praying for you and your family.

  10. Scott & Darleen: We are still praying for Christina and your whole family. Hope this helps a little. Love, Aunt Dolores, Ernie,Cecile and Denise.l

  11. I do not know Christina personally but I am aware of the situation and I am happy to help in any way, either through prayer or even small donations, I know every bit can help. Stay strong 🙂

  12. I pray for your daughter’s full recovery and that the person who is responsible for this tragedy to have the courage to come forward. Stay strong!

  13. Morris family and Geoffrey! We have been keeping you in our prayers and thoughts daily! We are praying for a speedy recovery, comfort, encouragement, strength, wisdom, and most of all that the PEACE only CHRIST can give overcome you, be in you and around you!!! John 14: 27 from the Living Translation Bible~ “I am leaving you_Morris Family and Geoffrey_ with a gift—peace of mind and heart. And the peace I give is a gift the world cannot give. So don’t be troubled or afraid.” ~ Lots of LOVE sent your way!!!! YOUR TC Family!

  14. I offer my ongoing prayers and a small donation. As someone who was the victim of a hit and run driver in January who broke both my legs and put me in a wheelchair for a long time, I can certainly sympathize. I pray for her rapid and full recovery.

  15. Our prayers are with you, Christina and your family. My God give you stength and healing. God bless you! In our thoughts and prayers daily. Sending hugs!

    Evette, Evan and Zach

  16. Our prayers are with your daughter and family. I live in NY but I saw this on my friend Lisa’s page and felt compelled to read and donate. I am praying for a peaceful and speedy recovery for your beautiful daughter. I have 2 daughter’s myself and my heart aches for your family. God bless you all!!

  17. Hello my name is John I been following your accident since sept.19 a month ago that horrible day . Since than you have progressed alot . You are a very strong willed person that will over come the odds and beat this thing .I know it .! I Have prayed for you christina everyday . I would love for the police to catch this animal who does not have morrals or feeling for what he had done ! Doesn’t he have a conscience ? I am not asking you this question it is just me saying what a heartlees piece of trash .That I wish I could meet up with the guy that did this and give him a wake -up call of realty ! Please take care and get better soon ! You will con’t to be in my prayers .Thank you john prudente

    • Thank you very much. She is doing so much better. Baby steps but progress never the less. Going to visit her today.

  18. I just saw her story on Fox news, and wanted to stop by. My heart was touched by hearing her speak, when she declared that this ordeal has made her faith stronger and she has no malice or hate in her heart. I am working hard daily to become a man closer to God with the help of my church as well as testaments and miracles such as Christina. She will be in my prayers every night, both for her recovery and as a praise to me for her inspiration. Thank you to all of the people who are close to her who I am sure help her and continue to help mold her into the amazing person she continues to be.

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